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Construction Safety Academy is the fastest growing nationally recognized Premier OSHA Training Consultant Organization that provides, OSHA  Training course online training courses, Construction safety training, Site safety staffing, First Aid & CPR certification, Flagging & Fork Lift Certification, 10 & 30 Hour OSHA training course , and OSHA approved custom safety program and the Safety Consultant Services.

Our goal is help you stay safe on the job and road with the development & planning and implementation of the OSHA standards. Also, we use the OSHA regulations Custom safety program relating to the field of construction. We provide our members with our latest OSHA training course  newsletter along with a safety course and tip and tool box talk. Our 10 Hour online OSHA training course is $59.95 – 30 Hour OSHA Training is $159.95. With these great prices why would you not join our team?

Every client is not just a client but a member of our safety family. This concept allow us to grow and help General Contractor as well as sub-Contractors. Construction Safety Academy members of the BBB has a (A+) rating providing a quality service. Come on and join our family and grow with us safely being a member of our winning team!
Construction Safety Academy was established in Washington DC and now has open a new office in Maryland. Construction Safety Academy provides a quality safety consultant service like no other with a price that you can afford. Our goal is not just be an OSHA safety consultant company but to be an excellent, affordable, independent OSHA Safety Consultant Company. We provide more quality services than any other safety service company for a price that you can afford. We provide Traffic control safety service with our ATSSA certified road safety instructor keeping you safe on the site and road. Our Red Cross Instructor who handles all the First Aid & CPR certification makes the work site a safer place. If you have a worker who operates a forklift we can provide him with a certification that is OSHA approved. Offering more for less is our winning combination; we are leading the way in OSHA Training course using all of the latest Technologies & Innovations.

Construction Safety Academy consists of a series of highly qualified OSHA train outreach instructors. They provide their clients with a superior quality of education, on time performance, and responsiveness to its trainees in OSHA regulations keeping Safety First. Our team has a common interest in making the OSHA Safety Training courses in the classroom amusing. With a creative strategy in providing in depth; Construction Safety Academy specialized in expertise and surge capabilities to ensure effective implementation of our training curriculum. Construction Safety Academy provides a direct service to the District of Columbia Metropolitan Area (DC, MD, and VA). The Founder of Construction Safety Academy has many years of experience in the field of Occupational Safety. His goal is to use his experience to provide cost effective services for both the established company as well as the smaller privately owned establishments.

We invite you to become a member to our website. As a member you will receive free company newsletter along with safety tips, safety toolbox talks with all the latest updates and safety information. As a Construction Safety Academy member you can enjoy our 10 Hour online OSHA training course for $59.95 and 30 Hour OSHA Training course for $159.95. Joining our team will save you money!

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